Slow Down and Move over

We have been in the recovery industry for over 28 years.   i used to go out with my Dad when i was younger and as soon as got my driving licence at 17, I was out on recoveries.  There was none of this 'it's too heavy for that vehicle', if it went on you took it even if it was going a long distance. The recovery industry was not recognised we were just a garage with a recovery truck.  Thankfully times have changed and for the better.   In my opinion, the one thing that is still lagging behind is roadside safety. If you are a recovery operator, you know the dangers of working at the roadside and on motorways/dual carrigeways.   We put ourselves at risk everyday to help the motoring public. If workmen are cutting the hedges on the motorways, you get cushion protection behind you on the hard shoulder.  We don't.  This needs to change and there are people in our industry who are working hard to get us recognised and i thank them for that .The slowdown mover group is another fantastic way of making other road users aware of us and this needs to be pushed in the United Kingdom.  In America, slow down mover over is a big thing, if you don't slow down and move over you can be prosocuted, it's the law.   It needs to be law in the UK.  The video above says it all please watch and please slow down and move over

The Video above shows how close we are to danger if you lose concentration when you driving, you could change somebodys life.  Nobody desreves to go to work and not come home.   Please SLOW DOWN AND MOVE OVER.  Don't change somebodys life.

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